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Improving Fluency for English Learners

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I’m an Instructional Coach at Reseda High School in the Los Angeles Unified School District and I work with teachers who have English Learners to improve their learning and acquisition of English as well as Academic Content.

Fluency in English is a discrete skill that can be practiced and improved. There are “fluency builders,” which are activities that consist of a page of words that have been chosen and placed in sequences that give specific types of practice in making consecutive sounds.
By putting certain words next to each other, and having the student read aloud the words as fast as they can correctly pronounce them (usually lasting  for 1 minute at a time, the repeated), the student can improve their fluency. There are different pages that will provide different types of sound combinations to practice.

This works best when there is  a listener who is following the same page while making a mark for each word not pronounced correctly, which will give a “1 Minute Fluency Rate” by counting the words spoken correctly during the minute. This score is made more accurate by taking the number of words correctly spoken from 2 consecutive “Fluency Readings” and averaging the score.


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